Section 13 Vendor Training

If you have researchers who use a particular vendor tool, sensor or apparatus, it is often possible to bring that vendor in for local on-site training. Depending on the vendor, this can be a costly per-seat workshop, or it can be done for free. It is also possible to work to build a relationship with the vendor so that theyy are able to see how their training might lead to future sales or to a continued use of their products. In this section, we’ll share some thoughts and ideas on vendor supplied trainings that can be useful to build into your local community. Vendors are working to stay in business, and your ability as a researcher to use their complex tools and systems is an important part of how you’re able to be research-capable. By working together to seek high-quality and relevant training from the key vendors supporting academic research, we can work together to make these trainings impactful and useful for our local communities.