Section 12 International Events

12.1 Pycon

Pycon is the flagship conference among the Python Community worldwide. There are a series of other satellite and regional Pycons, but nothing quite compares to the flagship event. The Python community is an incredible example of an open and inclusive community which invites contribution from all walks of life. If you’re a Python developer or aspiring Python developer, there is a good chance you’ll find long time friends and a support community by attending this conference. It is gotten big over the years, but the selectivity of talks has kept the quality incredibly high. If you have a chance, and are into Python, check it out! You’ll learn many things you can bring back both how the organization runs, and about Python.

12.2 SciPy

Scipy is a conference for the Python community which focuses specifically on scientific Python and the major libraries underpinning scientific Python. This includes things like scipy, numpy, matplotlib, scikit-learn and other foundational tools and libraries. Researchers of all walks, from academia to the private sector come together each year in Austin Texas to share and build community. The SciPy community is not quite as diverse as the broader Pycon community, but it has been working hard over the years to broaden participation in the event. Usually held in Austin, Texas this event is a great meeting of the minds for those involved in scientific Python.

12.3 RStudio Conference

12.4 SC - the Supercomputing conference

12.5 International Data Week